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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wild cranberries!!

 For years, I've heard that there were wild cranberries growing on the mountain near our home but never took the time to find them. This year one of my husbands friends took him to a bog to pick cranberries and we cooked them into a sauce that made my mouth water! As you can imagine, it's kind of a secret and once you're in, folks expect you keep it quiet! So I won't give away the location but I have to tell you that they are much tastier than the commercially harvested, tart, bitter bags of berries you buy at the store. 

So we had to go back for more. It's easy to pick a quart in 15-20 minutes, providing that you don't get stuck in the muck! It's really interesting to see how they grow. I knew there'd be water but I guess I expected it to be...I don't know but what we found was a surprise. Guess it's better to show you than try to describe it.  We're actually standing in water but you'd never know first.  It's easy to step into a spot and sink in over your boots.  Reminded me of the Dead Marshes except it was very much alive.  Down in all the dead grasses you can see, there is a bright green moss.  The berries weren't growing on top of the water like you see on TV but actually growing in the moss itself!  If you reach down to pull the moss apart, there are berries almost under it.  Then in other places, the berrt bushes are growing about 6-8" taller than the moss and the berries are hanging from them.  It was these tufts of grass and moss that we were actually walking on.  Every now and then, there were open spots were you could see the standing looking into a shallow well.  At one point I turned to go back and sunk into the water right over my boots and was sucked into the mire below.  Thankfully, I had help to pull me out because I could feel myself sinking lower just waiting for my rescuer to get to me.  It was a little un-nerving! 
But what an experience and a great photo opp for our homeschool portfolio!

This post is linked to Simple Lives Thursday hosted by GNOWFGLINS. And Whole Foods for the Holidays hosted by The Nourishing Gourmet.


  1. So cool! I have always wanted to go cranberry picking, not sure why but I just thought it would be fun. Cranberries are so nutritious, a real find!


  2. Thanks so much for sharing this post with Simple Lives Thursday!


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