Friday, October 30, 2015

Taste of Herbs Cookbook ~ free!

As the winter weather swoops in, always too early, who wouldn't want to enjoy their favorite chai or cocoa with delicious homemade marshmallows?  ~  Healing? Click on the picture to check it out!

Let’s face it – learning about herbal remedies can be really confusing.
There are tons of books and websites out there, but most of the time they don’t teach you how to choose the right herb for the right person… or how to put it into practical use for your family.
Which is why I’m so excited about this free training video I just watched from Rosalee de la ForĂȘt and LearningHerbs:
It’s all about what they call Kitchen Confidence… and it teaches how anyone can learn to quickly and accurately match the right remedy to the right person – while you’re in the kitchen making dinner.
Check it out at Taste of Herbs
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P.S. They also added a bonus copy of the Taste of Herbs Cookbook, which unlocks the secret of herbalism in 6 amazing recipes… like REAL marshmallows and even chocolate cake!
Get the free cookbook HERE

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