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Herbal first Aid Salve

I have a skin condition that causes a lot of itching. I use the salve which has stops the itching almost immediately, as well as cooling and soothing the affected area. The same event occurred with my friend. I use the salve consistently and my condition is 100% better. ~ Joan Langham

Ok, once again I am singing your praises.  I spilled hot spaghetti sauce down two of my fingers and got a pretty nasty burn.  I put the ointment on it immediately and it really took the burn out quickly.  I thought you would like to know that Dave has also been using it on a regular basis and even asks for it :) ~ Maryann Snell

Being 65, I have odd aches and pains. I particularly have a bad ankle, knee, and shoulder. I used the lotion bar on all three areas every night for a week. All three areas got better and have remained improved. I still use the lotion bar about 3 nights a week. I'm not sure why it works, but the lotion bar has given me great relief from the aches in those three area. It surely could not hurt to try the bar if you have a painful area joint. ~ Joan Langham

Homemade Herbal Soaps ~ $4.00/bar

Soaps are OUT OF STOCK!  Watch for updates!

Grapefruit Mud Mask ~ a bar formulated to combat acne and heal delicate facial skin.  Astringent and drying for excess acne.  Use 2/weekly for sensitive skin or up to daily use for troubled teen skin.

Rosemary Shampoo Bar ~ a cleansing blend of oils that give your hair that squeeky clean feel.  Follow with a lemon juice or ACV rinse.

Cocobutter Castille ~ a very mild pure bar of soap that is wonderful for the entire family, even pets.

Gardener's Pumice Bar ~ contains mild exfoliating agents to remove stubborn ground in dirt, healing honey, aloe and tea tree essential oil in a saponified oil blend.

Cold Cream Facial Bar ~ an unscented blend of saponified oils and homemade cold cream for a gentle, moisturizing cleanse that removes makeup while leaving behind a dew kissed glow.

Woodstock ~ an herbal blend of patchouli, lemon grass and few other earthy essentail oils.  This bar was created and named by my college aged daughter...big surprise, huh?

Peppermint Swirl ~ A lovely bar containing peppermint EO to stimulate your senses and pink facial clay to provide a little exfoliation.

Chose your favorite Soap!

At this time, shipping is limited to the continental US.
Paypal is the only accepted method of payment.

If you've used my products and would like to leave feedback or testimonials for other folks to read, just drop me an email and I'll include them here.  Your continued support and feedback is very much appreciated.

Much herbal love and appreciation,

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