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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Projects in review - The Recycled Greenhouse and other garden stuff

Wandering through the colorful seed catalogues that have arrived in recent weeks, I'm already getting the urge to get out into the garden.  Last years tomato blight destroyed all my tomatoes and I didn't even get one!  Not this year!  I'm planning to get an early start so the plants are strong before the blight hits.  But as I thought back over the spring season, I recalled some fond memories of the girls and I working in the garden.  Here's a little recap of those adventures.

Our first project in early Spring was to build a green house.  If you've read much about me in past blogs, you know that I'm somewhat of a packrat, a trait that vexes my husband greatly!  It has, however, come in handy when I get an idea but don't have the means to act on last Spring.  I'm one who likes to use what I have on hand and since funds are usually limited for things like this, I started scouting out what was available.

 We started with a few things to make the frame; first we found long hoops of recycled black well pipe that we fastened together with the recycled metal supports from the shed that collapsed under a heavy snow a few years back. Wow!  I'm glad I didn't throw them away!  The dog kennel/peep pen served as the base for our ribbed roof. We covered this skeleton and framework with a partial roll of construction grade plastic we found in the shed.  Probably not a good choice because it broke down over the winter but it was here so we used it. 

 And here's the greenhouse we made from them;
The wire "ceiling" was added to keep raccoons out when we had growing peeps and also to prevent fledgling hens from flying out of the pen.  We discovered that it made an excellent shelf for holding an old screen door laden with freshly harvested herbs for drying!  The warmth in the green house did the job in just a couple days!

Scenes from the kitchen garden.

I love all the many shades of bee balm!

A collage of gardening memories from the Spring and Summer of 2010.  You can see our flats of plants growing in the greenhouse if you look closely.
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  1. Brilliant - I love the whole notion of recycling the various bits and pieces to make a new whole.

  2. I always wanted a greenhouse, but never had a place to put one. Yours is wonderful! What fun to have your own seedlings popping up!

  3. Thanks, Ladies! I'm getting the itch to get some seeds going but it's a little early yet. The plastic we used was just some construction grade that we had on hand. It didn't last so we'll have to re-skin at least the roof for this season.

  4. I've sprouted chickpeas and quinoa and that's as far as my green thumb has gotten . It would be nice to grow my own herbs and veggies except I'm afraid of the cost of hydroponics cause I live in an apartment .

  5. Jackie, Good for you! You might be surprised at what you can do in a window box!

  6. How wonderful it would be to have a greenhouse! Your post makes me think of Spring and Summer and sun and favorite times of year.

  7. Oh, yes! Having those thoughts myself! Thanks for visiting...I hope you'll come back again.

  8. What a wonderful stop!

    I love seeing all your creativity and your gardens.

    This is one of my favorite posts this week! Do you subscribe to Mary Jane Farms magazine? I think you would love it.

    Thanks for linking to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "R".

    Really a fun visit.


  9. Don't you love it when you can make something from "junk" that's just around?

    I've had success in growing cherry tomatoes on my balcony but I haven't planted anything the past couple of years since we're gone in the summertime when someone needs to actually be there to water and care for the plants!

  10. @ Jenny, Thanks so much! Alex pointed me in your direction and I'm so glad she did! What fun it is to see so many fun and creative ideas! I'm not familiar with that magazine but I'll look into it. Looking forward to "S" this week!

    @ mub, YES! I do love to make things from "junk" that's been saved or salvaged! In fact, I wrote a post about my packrat tendencies! But I have made some pretty useful things over the years!

    Hmmm...let's see...can we rig up some sort of rainwater collection system made from recycled plastic bottles and put a small green house over the tomatoes that will retain some of the moisture that transpires from the plants? You know, like a terrarium! ahhhh...The wheels are turning! :)

  11. I have a chainlink area against my garage previous peeps used to hold rubbish bins away from bears I am so going to do this!! ( IN ABOUT 3 MONTHS LOL IM IN ALASKA!!) SALLY Rawlings

  12. wow-did not know pack-ratia could be so awesome! I love the bee balm too, I can't WAIT for summer. Thanks for the inspiration, and for linking up to the Penny Worthy Project. I love it!

  13. Not ready to get anything started here in Wisconsin yet either but the day is coming.
    I admire your creative use of materials on hand.

  14. I like all the activity which you share in this greenhouse. This is very nice and I like the style.

  15. @awnings
    Thanks! Since the plastic was just construction grade, it tore over the winter and had to be removed. Right now, this kennel is housing five 8 week old chicks. We lost one to a predator night before last. Sigh...I'm tired of raising chickens to feed the wildlife!

  16. Thanks for the pics I have been looking for how to turn the kennel in my back yard into a greenhouse cant seem to put my dogs in it so figured great way to grow and keep them out. Thanks again.


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