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Monday, December 13, 2010

A Success Story

After taking a nasty fall on the ice and jamming his spine, my husband has been off work for the past week.  So, of course, ice and then lifting, no stretching, but keep moving to stop the muscles from stiffening.  Yeah, you all know what it's like having a sick man in the house!
Anyway, while he was recouperating, he got a head cold with a sinus infection.  We did the typical herbal treatment and plenty of tea, etc.  But when the sinuses became an issue, I told him to try something that had worked for me a few weeks ago.  Snuffing a few drops of colloidal silver into each sinus.  Not being a true believer in my herbal remedies, he was reluctant to try it.  He did and reported that he felt no relief and thought that my cure from the week before was simply psychosymatic.  I just smiled and said that perhaps his lack of cure was the same since he was sure it wasn't going to work.  Later, I suggested he try it again before bed.  He did and in the morning confessed that he was feeling much better!  I heard him telling his mom on the phone in a very quiet voice that he thought it must have been the colloidal silver!  Victory!


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