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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Goodness knows there are infinite ways that I can improve myself and my lifestyle but I'm usually overwhelmed by trying too much change at once which ends in nearly no change at all. So this year I'm trying to start small and make cumulative changes that will become second nature to me. I'll have more details on this plan later but there are several areas that I plan to attack...spending more time with God, focus on ways I can improve our homeschooling, becoming more organized, furthering my study of herbal remedies and alternative medicine through various means, replacing all chemicals in our home with natural alternatives, adding more whole foods to our diet, improving my blog and posting more regularly, spending more time writing, being more green, self sufficient and sustainable, and intentional physical exercise regularly. There are so many ways to do those things and so many more that I could add.  I need to take my time in formulating a plan that I can follow specifically so I can actually pinpoint my progress.  The way I plan to tackle the year is by setting smaller weekly or monthly goals that will ultimately add up to a year of progressive changes in all these areas.  Slow and steady will hopefully win the day.

Here's praying that all I do will be pleasing to God and strengthened by Him.

As part of my goal to improve my blog, I've added a page where I'll post all my thoughts, stategies and struggles as I attempt to reach the goals I've mentioned here. Just click on the 2011 Resolutions tab at the top of the blog. Watch for more tabs to appear over the next few weeks.

I've linked my resolutions to NOURISHING RESOLUTIONS 2011 CARNIVAL .


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