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Friday, July 22, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot!

According to a site I found, and no, I didn't verify this, the highest recorded temp in PA was 111° back in 1936!  My thermometer hit 105° this afternoon and we're hiding out in the cellar to avoid the heat.  Thankfully, there is a breeze today and the humidity feels lower than earlier this week.  Still a scorcher! 
Looking forward to lower temps later next week with overnight lows in the 60's.  That should be wonderful!  The forecast is calling for scattered rain tonight and tomorrow and I'm praying we're the part that gets the scatter! 

Update...Praising God for winds that blew the heat away and brought refreshing rain that threatened storms but so far has been cool steady showers.  Temps dropped 32° in the past 3 hours.  Bliss!

Much herbal love,


  1. hope your wish will be fulfilled

  2. Just watched this the other day. Amazing!

  3. We had upper 90's all week long, with some lovely rain today. Next week a bit cooler in the 80's, but I am not complaining. No, not one little bit. Cause the bitter winter cold was not all that long ago!

  4. Oh my goodness, it's hard to imagine such heat ... wishing you more of those cool showers x

  5. I live in PA, too, and indeed, it has been quite hot! :) Monday night, for my area, says that our low is 58*! That sounds absolutely blissful to me right now! :o)


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