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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tick removal

Day 20 

Ticks are a problem here in central PA and many bites result in positive test results for Lyme disease.  So what should you do if a tick attaches itself to you?  You don't want to squeeze it with tweezers or your fingers because you will push more of their body fluids into your blood.  We have a little "J" shaped tool with a slit in the bottom of the "J", called Tick Twister.  By sliding the slit under the tick between it's body and your skin you can gently begin to rotate the tick causing it to release it's mouth parts.  You don't want to pop the tick off once you've hooked it in the tool because it's mouth may be detached, remaining in your skin causing an infection that will have to work its way to the surface.
Lemon balm or basil leaves rubbed on the site may help relieve itching.  Chickweed has drawing properties that will bring the infection and foreign material to the surface aiding in the healing process.
Here's an article that a friend sent to me.  I haven't tried it yet.


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