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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Making my own Cream Cheese or Fromage Blanc

Cream Cheese or Fromage Blanc

We love the tart flavor of yogurt and even the more intense Greek yogurt for some things but our favorite is the "sweet" yogurt made from a mild culture.  I don't mean sweetened with honey, sugar or any other sweetener, just a mild yogurt.  You can buy the starter or just save a bit from a store bought yogurt that contains active, live cultures that you like.  Learn how I make what I call "old world style" yogurt.

Once you've found a yogurt you like, to make cream cheese, just set up a strainer lined with a cotton kitchen towel, a piece of laundered muslin or several layers of cheese cloth over a bowl to catch the liquid that drains out.  Salt can be added to the yogurt but, again, we prefer "sweet" cream cheese. After about a hour, gather the corners of the towel and hang it over the bowl. I hang mine from the upper cupboard knob so it can drip into the bowl on the counter.  Allow it to hang there for 6-8 hours or until it stops dripping. What's left over is Fromage Blanc, a lower fat variety of cream cheese because it is made from whole milk instead of cream.

This yogurt makes a great one to use in this recipe for my own "Fruit on the Bottom" yogurt.

The liquid that drains off is cultured whey.  Whey has a lot of minerals and can be added to many things in the kitchen. It's great for aiding digestion because of the probiotics created in the culturing process. Also, think whey protein powder.  Or better yet, think lacto-fermentation!  Like these Lacto-fermented Peppers.

It is reported that one tablespoon of whey in a little water can ease digestion.  We've tried this remedy and it really works.
Try using whey instead of water for a lemonade that is refreshing and full of nutrients.

Here's a recipe for Olive Dip made from yogurt that is really yummy on Homemade Crackers or Crispy Flatbread!

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  1. I've tried making this before! Gosh, I really admire your creative energy.


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