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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mini Quiche

Mini Seafood Quiche

My daughter and I had a quick brunch at Panera Bread as we were leaving her college to head home for the summer.  It was yummy!  Today is Mother's Day and because we had such a long tiring day and a very late night, I'm the only one awake.  So with the taste of brunch lingering on my tongue, I started plotting!  Yes, I have a tube of crescent rolls...eggs...cream...frozen spinach but no artichoke, hmmm...but I have wakame!  Okay, shredded mozzarella.  What goes with all that?  A can of mini shrimp and a little left over caviar from a special occasion.  Let's go!

I thought I'd put some cupcake papers in a pie pan for a little base.  Instead of putting them right in the cupcake pan, I wanted to give them more room to "breathe" without being too deep to bake in the time the pastry needed.  Unfortunately, they wilted quickly.  But it was too late to turn back. 

Separate the rolls and tear the triangles in two pieces.  I lined the cups with the pastry leaving the corners sticking up.  Place a small pat of butter in the bottom of each pastry cup and place them in the toaster oven for 1 minute.  At this point, I mixed the following:
3 eggs - fork beat
2 tbsp cream
1 cup shredded mozzarella
2 heaping tbsp tiny shrimp
1 heaping tsp. wakame
1/3 cup Greek yogurt
1 cup chopped frozen spinach
pinch of salt

I placed 2 large tbsp of the mix in each cup and topped with a tiny clump of caviar.

I baked them for 6 minutes, switched racks in the toaster oven and baked for 6 more minutes.  It might need a little more tweaking but they were pretty tasty and very well received!
Next time, I'll try to find a better "form" to use and possibly a flakier type crust.

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  1. Sounds very good, wakame, greek yogurt, spinach, shrimp, it has to be good, and caviar on top would make it a special treat.


  2. @Sense of Home KitchenHi Brenda, I'm thinking maybe a few cupcake papers together might solve the problem I had. The one we had at the restaurant was in a heavy, cardstock type form.

  3. This looks wonderful! I would like one for breakfast today... thank you very much! :)

  4. @Erin @ EKat's Kitchen
    Hi, Erin! Thanks again for the gift certificate to CSN! I'll send you a picture of my purchase once I put them up! :)

  5. Hey S~!!!! What a lovely treat! You know, of all the fast food joints I love panera the best because you can get some pretty good stuff and it is inspiring and not boring! I do love your idea of mini-quiches and you could make these personal if someone didn't like seafood you could use something else. Have a wonderful summer with your daughter, I am getting ready to send mine off for the first time (gasp!) Thanks so much for sharing this with us on the hearth and soul hop! Hugs! Alex

  6. There are two very important features to an excellent quiche: a light, flaky crust and a heavenly filling. Quiche is such as simple meal. It can be served for regular family dinners, a brunch or for an elegant entree for guests.


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