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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Facial Spa Treat

It's been raining here for nearly a month with only a few sunny days know...just enough to make the grass grow really fast!  Today was a slow day with loads of room to accomplish things that get neglected in our regular schedule.  My oldest is home from college for the summer and working several days/week but today, she didn't have to go in so she decided to get creative while I tried to get rid of this crazy stomach ache and homeschool my 15yo.

For our break, she had a surprise waiting for us!
First, a facial sugar scrub...Very nice except that we don't use refined sugar so the closest we could do is evap. cane juice which is a little course for a facial scrub.
It was a nice blend of
1/3 C.sugar
10 drops lavender essential
1/4 tsp vanilla
1 Tbsp almond oil
a generous pinch of lavender flowers

Both girls decided to use a castille soap to remove their scrub but I just rinsed the solids from my face and gently wiped away the excess oil with a towel.  This proved to be important in the next step.

Chocolate Brownie PMS Mask!
Sounds yummy, right?  Taste tests revealed that it's good to eat as well as put on your face!
4 tsp ground and sifted oatmeal
1/3 cup cocoa powder
3 Tbsp honey
2 Tbsp sourcream (add more if needed)

Doesn't it look good?!

Chocolate makes everyone smile!
Notice that my mask is sliding a bit because of the oil from step 1.

 After about 20 minutes, we wiped/washed off the mask.

What's a facial break without a little fun?!  Marx Bros. anyone?

We followed that with a goat's milk moisturizer made from
2 tsp. powdered goats milk
1 tsp.filtered water
2 drops lavender essential oil
1 tsp. glycerin

Soft and smooth and still smelling a bit like chocolate...what could be better than that?  Thanks for the facial spa, Little Bit!

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Much herbal love,


  1. this sounds fabulous! My best friend is coming to visit, and I want to try it with her. :)

  2. Those are fantastic! Thanks for sharing them with us. :)

  3. If it's all natural it can't hurt ya!~Ames

  4. i got distracted by the word "raining". it had this weird effect. almost like when someone mentions a delicious dessert or something, and you start salivating.

    oh, i would happily take a month of rain right long as it meant we wouldn't flood. which, of course, we would, were we to receive a month of rain but hey ...

    i did make myself read the rest of your post, however. thanks for the tips on the facial care stuff. i'll have to try that out.

  5. @criticalcrassThanks for visiting and reading to the end! I don't mean to complain about the rain...not really...

  6. @Princess EilonwyHave fun! Let us know what you think about it.

  7. This is a fabulous post! I am soooo glad to have those recipes, and believe me I will use them well!! I have a friend who makes her own scrub, and she swears by it.

    I was late posting my offering for Alphabe-Thursday, but it is up now. Please check it out!!

  8. Sounds wonderful, but I'd still rather EAT the chocolate!

  9. What a fantastic link for Alphabe-Thursday's letter "F".

    I am going to try these treatments. And I love the glow your skin was left with!

    Thanks for the beautiful recipes!



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