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Friday, April 29, 2011

Thoughts from days gone by...

Softly, Softly

Tendrils of mist float dreamily by,
softly brushing the twilight sky.
Diamonds sparkle in the twilight,
winking and blinking through the night.
Dew slowly rises to kiss each blade,
while sweetly, quiet dreams are made.
As darkness fills my sleepy eyes,
a glimpse of light shoots 'cross the skies.
I quickly turn to look afar,
hoping to wish upon a shooting star.
But, alas, the clouds of gentle rain,
have covered the star studded plain.
Maybe tomorrow I'll be blessed,
to see the sky with light caressed,
once more as bits of dust ignite,
to bring the spectacle in sight.
Meteors streaking across my view,
hopefully watching for just a few.
I wonder if you'll see them too,
sparkling, twinkling just for you.
As wishes float like dandelion fluff,
to see a few is not enough.
I've wishes far more plentiful,
than the one or two I've sent up full,
of hope and dreams I've kept inside,
sometimes filled with foolish pride.
only pondering deep within my heart ,
and knowing I must do my part,
to make the dreams my reality,
by striving for the dear quality,
of life that only faith can bring.
You see, that's the only thing,
that fills my sweet and lovely desire,
when I pursue them with a fire,
spurred by peace that passes,
all understanding and blesses,
me with many wishes fulfilled.
My heart's desires gently milled,
to match the goodness in store.
Silly me to wish for more,
when all that I could hope for,
is waiting patiently at my door.
The glow of dawn brushes the sky.
Sweet songs of morning make me sigh,
with anticipation for another day,
filled with love and work and play.
As I think of all that belongs to me,
it becomes much easier to see,
that I have nothing for which to pine.
Counting the blessings that are mine,
I'll leave the wishing for tonight,
knowing sleep will win the fight.
And drifting slowly off to sleep,
softly, softly my dreams I'll keep.

Much herbal love,


  1. Beautiful poetry! I like the line "The glow of dawn brushes the sky." Peaceful thoughts.


  2. Thanks, Brenda. I wrote that while we were not so patiently waiting for a glimpse of the Perseids through an overcast sky.


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