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Scented Notes

PhotobucketHave you ever walked in to a room and been immediately transported to a time and place in the past simply because of a scent in the air?  A certain perfume, aromas from the kitchen, wood smoke or the smell of a workshop.  Scents and smells are often connected to memories, hopefully good ones, that make us feel at home.
We can use pleasing scents to cover bad odors or give ourselves, our home, our clothing or hair a fragrance that will be pleasing to others.  We can even use aromatherapy to create moods or increase and maintain health.
How do you use scents to create a pleasing environment in your home....your car....near you?  Here are some ideas we use in our home.
Essential Oils
Room Sprays
Refreshing powders
Herbal Soaps
and more...

As each topic goes live, the links above will be activated. 
We'll be exploring and learning more about each of these techniques over the following months and sharing some tips, how-tos and applications...maybe even a guest post or two.   I hope you'll join me as I share more tales from Scented Notes.

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