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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Herb Cubes and Lemon Thyme Water

As promised, I'm sharing a couple small herbal things that happened in the Woodwife's kitchen this week.
Here's my basket of herbs from the kitchen garden just before the last frost.

I love to stand by the stone bed and smell the aroma of the herbs in the morning dew.  
That's not the time for harvesting but it's peaceful and soothing.
Rosemary, Lemon Thyme, Horehound and Sage were standing proudly in the crisp air.  I gathered them later when the dew was gone and brought them into the kitchen.  It smelled wonderful and I needed to find some way to capture their fresh goodness.

Lemon Thyme Water
The first thing I made was a gallon of lemon thyme water which sat on the western window sill catching as much sun as it could.  Herb water is so refreshing!  Just drink as is or pour over ice to drink in the goodness!

Next, I pulled out a thrift store treasure I'd picked up a few weeks ago and gave it a good washing.  It was an interesting ice cube tray with several cylindrical cube tubes open on one end with a removable cap on the other.  After allowing it to dry and snapping on the cap, I snipped my rosemary and thyme into shorter sticks and packed them into each tube with a sliver or two of fresh garlic.  Next I covered them with olive oil.  After covering the tops with plastic wrap (yikes) I put the tray in the freezer.

Here's what they looked like after freezing.

The advantage of having a removable cap on one end is being able to push one or two herb cubes out of the tray at a time with out melting the oil much.

Now I'm all set to cook up my favorite dish with herb, olive oil and garlic all in one!

So here's what's for lunch...
With a little dollup of yesterday's batch of sour cream and I'm all set...Yummy!

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  1. I've made mint water before, but never thought to use lemon thyme. Thanks for the idea.


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