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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Well, It's finally here...not that I've been in a hurry to reach this milestone in my life. 

Today is my 50th birthday and the 1 year anniversary of The Woodwife's Journal! Looks like I made it to my goal of 100 followers and then some thanks to the help of my blogging friends Jenny and Alex and fellow Vintage Remedies students who came on board during their 4 year celebration on Thursday!

Turning 50 sounds really old but not feeling too bad so far.  Blogging for a year and wondering if I could find a few people who'd like to read my herbal wanderings has certainly been a fun part of the journey.  It's had it's highs and lows, but my closet blogging friend (who shall remain un-named due to the closet thing) has pulled me through some tough spots, always finding the good things.  She's like that.  Plus, I've met so many wonderful, supportive folks out in bloggerville that have encouraged me and as you can see, are following my blog!  Who knew?  When things started a year ago, I wasn't even sure what a blog was all about.  I mean I blog personally in another place about pondering the meanderings of my heart and mind, but this is different.  I know that God has played a very important part in what this blog has become.  There's so much to learn!  And what you see here is just the tip of the iceburg.

Thanks for all your help and encouragement!
I'm off for the day but stay tuned for the giveaway winners later today and new things in the weeks to come!
Much herbal love,


  1. The suspense is killing your birthday cake and pick a winner already!!!;)

  2. Congratulations on two wonderful milestones!

  3. Happy Birthday! 50 looks amazing on you!

  4. Thank you for your comment and for sending folks over to visit! Looking forward to another year of good things!


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