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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Post 39

Earlier I wrote about gathering herbs from our garden, field, and woodlands in the next week.  My thought was to dry them for use in herbal teas but we've been enjoying the smell of burning incense lately and I wonder if I could make smudge sticks.  We do have some sage and others that would work well.  Experimenting time!


  1. smudge it up wifey! i love burning bundles from my own harvest.
    p.s. thanks for putting your thoughts on my mystery plant. i think you might be right. tho i never planted this! :):)

    loving your blog. I too have a 'more focused' blog and a just a journal blog. we have some things in common. will be back for more for sure.

  2. Hey,thanks! Great to hear from you. I've been reading your blog for a while now but can't recall how i found it. Great Ideas! Keep it coming.

  3. Oh, yeah, about the mystery plant; what a nice surprise to find a volunteer that is so beautiful!

  4. bundles have been drying and I thought I'd burn one to clear the air in the kitchen before a party. My bundle won't burn! It lights but goes smoldering...nothing. What did I do wrong?
    Because we're on the east coast, I used silver king artemisia instead of western sage. Which herbs do you use for smudge?

  5. i had that problem once too. i thought maybe my bundle was too small, like there wasn't enough to create heat in the center. does that make sense? im not sure if that was the problem or not, but here are some things to try.

    make sure you get it really flaming hot before you blow it out, it needs to keep the heat on the herb so it will stay smoldering.

    the other thing you can try is to light a charcoal round (the kind you use for burning incense cones and resin) put it in a ceramic bowl and put the bundle on it. the charcoal will keep it hot enough to smolder till its burnt through.

    i dont know about artemisia but i gather if its woody enough it should smudge. i've used thyme, desert sage, chaparral, cypress, and rosemary. let me know how it goes!

  6. @herb mother LOL! Went back to this post and found your comment from last year! Thanks! I have nice rosemary this year so I may try that. Hope you're doing well.


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