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Friday, July 23, 2010

Farmer's Market

Day 32
Saturdays bring local produce farmers, bakers, craftsmen, dairy farmers and beekeepers together to sell their produce, etc. in the heart of our downtown.  Friends of ours will be selling fresh picked blueberries and my daughter is going to take some things from our home.  She's been working on some jewelry as well as harvesting some garlic and pulling together some other things that we grow or make.  I'm excited to see how things go for her. 
My oven is on the fritz or I'd be baking even in all this heat.  Maybe it's a good thing it's not working.  We've had some fairly hot, humid days in the past few weeks.  Maybe by next week's market I'll have more products for her to market. 
The straw bale beds in our garden are not growing as well as I thought they might but are improving a bit as the season goes on.  Our lasagne beds seem to be doing ok and I'm excited to harvest some of the many types of tomatoes that we are trying out his year.  The blueberries have been picked over by the birds and I think a bear but I haven't seen it.  We have a coon ravaging our chickens again so we're trying a humane approach first.  If he's too big to fit in the box trap, then we'll have to resort or other methods.  Hannah lost her meat chicken and I lost my oldest hen.  Now we're down to 5 laying hens.  If things keep going this way, I'm considering getting another batch and raising them with a goose to protect them.  I don't think I'm ready for a gander until I learn more about them.  I've heard they can be mean.


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