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Thursday, July 15, 2010

More about Raw Milk

Day 28

Remember when I talked about the advantages of raw milk over processed? Here's a link to another blog that shares more info and sites a few other references to back up what I was saying. You can read just about anything on the web so it's best to do your research to verify claims for foods/alternative remedies that your unfamiliar with.

Another great resource for wise food choices and food preparation techniques that were used by our ancestors is Sally Fallon's book Nourishing Traditions. She unites the knowledge of the past with scientific research to back up some of those old time traditions that grandma used when preparing food for her family.

It's important to realize that the word "bacteria" can refer to both good or beneficial microorganisms and dangerous ones. The funny thing is that once you learn about how these little critters work in our food, you can use them to increase the nutritive value of the food we eat, extend the shelf life of many foods by increasing the lactic acid content which is also working to give them more health benefits and proteting them from being colonised by the harmful kinds of bacteria. Grandma may not have understood everything that happened to the food she made for her family but she knew that it was healthy and good for them.


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