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Saturday, October 12, 2013

What's Going on in Your Herbal Kitchen?

Good Morning!  It's a crisp Fall morning here in Central PA!  
The majority of leaves have already come down and are blanketing our lawn with their tapestry of color.  I'm not really sure why folks are in such a hurry to rake this splash of color to the curb.

Its feels like a Chai kinda morning so I'm heading to the kitchen to make a batch of Chai or maybe I'll just cheat and mix up some Oregon Chai and relax for a bit before starting my day.
Have you seen the new Oregon Chai tea bags?  Love them!

Today in The Woodwife's Kitchen

After my errands this morning, I'm thinking of preparing to make a couple batches of soap.  I'm really pleased with the Lemon Poppy Seed that I made last month.  It's really refreshing, clarifying and leaves a squeaky clean feeling.  The poppy seeds are exfoliating but I think they're a little rough for anything besides cleaning dirty hands.  We're working around it in the shower so if you see a little speck in our hair, it's probably a poppy seed.  Still, it's great at the kitchen sink because the lemon neutralizes odors, too.

What scents shall I work on today?
Rosemary/Sage Shampoo bars?
Something new?

Here are some of the scents I've made before...

Yesterday, I made a double batch of First Aid Salve, a double batch of Pain Sticks and the first batch of the season of Clear Head Vapor Balm.  We're going to a Craft Sale in a few weeks and I'm planning to make some Vapor Salts to go with the Balm.

Here are the things I made for the last sale...

Many thanks to my friend, Kelly, who took these great photos of my "bakery" display!

It was so much fun pulling together vintage baking pans, etc.from my stash.  I used an old bread box, some bread pans, a square angel food cake pan, a fruit cake mold and an industrial multiloaf bread baking pan, along with other pieces that worked well.  This method also made set up and tear down easier because I could "load" the pieces at home, set them in a box and go!  Here's hoping it all works as well next time!
It's great when I can incorporate my junkin' with my other jobs!

What herbal projects are you working on, today?

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