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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

HerbMentor ~ herbal awesomneness!

After you've enjoyed all the free things offered by LearningHerbs, including free courses, videos, recipes, how-to's, You can step things up a notch by joining  For just a few dollars each month, you get a bunch more free stuff starting with a beautiful herb chart that is the perfect compliment to Rosalee's "Healing Herbs" ebook!

Then there's this herbal course...
Free herbal ecourse.

Here's what LearningHerbs has to say about their free herbal course...
"This FREE course is a video eBook (PDF file) that you can download after you sign up for our HerbMentor News.
It takes you through 9 lessons.
Each lesson has a 3-5 minute video that accompanies the written information on the page.
You watch the videos on your computer as you go through the eBook.
The very last page includes a beautiful Herbal Medicine Chest chart for you to print. This chart sums up all the important information in the course.
By the end of Home Remedy Secrets, you will know exactly which herbal remedies to have in your herbal apothecary, how to use them, and WHERE to get them. As usual, we make it super simple."
It's very informative and user friendly for beginners and advanced alike. 

And who hasn't heard of Susan Weed? She offers lots of info from her years of herbalism in this free series to HerbMentor members.   
  Susun Weed Video Interview Series

And that's just a few of the many advantages of joining John and Kimberly @ LearningHerbs as an HerbMentor member.

 Did I mention that you can buy your own kit from LearningHerbs?  It has everything you need to get started right away!Herbal Medicine Making Kit

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Much herbal love,
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