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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Seed Catalog Dreaming...

As the holidays fade into our recent memories, are your thoughts turning to those beautiful seed catalogs that arrived with your Christmas cards in mid December when there was no time to peruse their overflowing pages?

I can think of no better way to spend a little cozy time than with a cup of tea and a stack of seed catalogs.
Well maybe I can but I won't talk about that here! Let's just say it's a good way to spend a little "me" time  during these early morning hours when I'm the only one awake.

Problem is, my meandering and dreaming often get carried away!
I have a few catalogs I look forward to because they offer beautiful, glossy pictures of the vegetables offered in their colorful pages, like Baker's Creek
 and Comstock.
There are others with simple formats, no pictures and lovely descriptions to guide my choices,
like Fedco seeds and trees.

Along with dreams of vegetables flowing from baskets and plants sporting all colors of perfect fruits, I like to plan an herb garden.  Or should I say plans to expand my herb garden?
One of my favorite sources for herb seeds is Mountain Rose Herbs.
They offer a great selection of medicinal herb seeds.

Time to get start my garden dreaming!

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Much herbal love,

A passion for organics


  1. While I was dusting my book shelves yesterday, I found my copy Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss. I thought I you. When my daughter was very little and we had very little money I always turned to that book when she got sick. It was my bible on cures. I always kept special teas and cooked with special herbs. I don't know how it happened but I guess my life got so busy that I had no time to rely on the old ways.~Ames

  2. You were spying on me... I know you were! lol!!! I am just taking a short internet break from all of those lovely seed catalogs. :) I should be in bed, but I've been highlighting all of the seeds that look interesting, but way too many to buy. :) I'll have to narrow it down somehow. Have fun looking through your catalogs. I'm off to do more looking before I hit the sack.



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