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Friday, November 4, 2011

Herbal Medicine Chest ~ Herbal Cough Syrup

We've had a few hard frosts here but my horehound is still beautiful!  In prep for winter colds, I've made a cough syrup with horehound, sage and a bit of mint.

1 oz. fresh horehound
1/2 oz. dried sage  (use 1 oz if fresh)
1/2 oz. fresh mint
add 4 cups water and simmer gently until reduced by half.

Strain and cool a bit. 
Next add equal parts raw local honey to each part of warm infusion.  You can reduce the amount of honey if you feel it is too sweet.  The thicker syrup also adds more soothing and coating benefits.  Can be added to tea if you prefer

If you'd like to flavor the syrup you can add a bit of fruit concentrate, or brandy to help preserve it.
Bottle and store in a cool dark place.

Adult dosage:  1/2 tsp every two hours as needed.
Children: Based on body weight, use half adult dose for older children and 1/4 adult dose for small children.
              ** Remember that this syrup contains raw honey and should NOT be given to infants!

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  1. Wow! Very cool! I have to look up horehound now and learn more about it.

  2. This is great! I love all your recipes.

  3. Thank you. I am collecting natural remedies so I can print them out and keep a binder.

  4. I am a huge believer in the horehound properties and plan to grow some next year to make my own syrup!

    Thanks for this post very inspirational!

  5. Thank-you for sharing this recipe. I am visiting from the Barn Hop. I enjoy working with herbs and will look for horehound.

  6. Hi Sharon, this is a great recipe! Can't wait to try.
    I just nominated you for the Leibster Blogging Award. Check out my nomination here - and congratulations!

  7. Horehound syrup is really good as a remedy for cough. I've been searching for recipes of this and finally finding one makes me feel at ease.

  8. These homemade remedies are almost a lost art. What I like about them is that the recipe works and is a natural cure.


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