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Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween can be a scary time for your immune system

With Halloween just around the corner and many parties going on this week, it's important to know that viruses and bacteria lurking all around us are ready to jump out and scare you into an illness...metaphorically speaking, of course.  But Halloween can be a scary time for your immune system when you consider that sugar and carbohydrate consumption (large quantites of which are consumed at parties and in Halloween treats) can significantly lower your immune system for 4-5 hours after they are eaten.  Significantly meaning 50 - 90 % depending on the amount!  That is scary. 
I was going to write a bit more about this when I discovered an excellent article here.  Read it and enjoy!  Then take whatever measures you need to to limit weakening your immune system defenses.

Much herbal love,


  1. Important information. Thanks for sharing it. laurie @

  2. I think the older I get the more in tune to my body I become. This morning, and still, I have a headache. It is very overcast today and I think that is why. I was thinking of getting the flu shot. The one time I did I got sick. So maybe I am already sick and can't get it. ???~Ames

  3. I did not know this. I got a great supplement at my blending pharmacy to boost my immune system. I'll have to read the label on's a naturopathic place and they always have interesting ingredients in their products!


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