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Friday, February 11, 2011

Snowmen and Angels

I just love "warm and natural" batting.  I bought a few yards several years ago without even knowing what I would make.  Both projects below cost less than $10 each.  The pattern was my own design so you could make yours similar or your own idea...short, tall, portly.  Both the angel and the snowman were made over the same pattern but the trick is that the snowman is sewn across the bottom but the angel has a circular base.
For the angel, I used braided wool hair, a silver wire halo, tin punched wings, a little tin birdhouse, a few dried flowers/herbs, and a homespun scarf.  Her face is embroidered with starry eyes and a french knot mouth.  She could be holding a bag of herbal tea or a tube of bath salts...anything you can think of.  The wings could be made from card stock with a punched design instead of tin.

The snowman is sporting a hat made from an old sweater/sock, a homespun scarf and recycled buttons.  His face is made with starry eyes and the same stitch repeated for the mouth.  His nose is a wooden carrot that I carved from a dowel.  He could also be the bearer of some small herbal gift.

I've made variations on hair color and accessories...all were a hit!  Each winter these lovable characters warm my kitchen until the first signs of spring.  Makes a nice gift that can be displayed longer than a Christmas decoration.

Oh, the little guy in front is made of painted muslin.
Happy Holiday crafting!

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  1. They really came out nicely. Great post.

  2. Your little guys are just darling. Love Warm and Natural -- for quilts or crafts!

  3. Thanks to both of you. They were a lot of fun to design and put together.


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