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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Herbal Medicine Chest ~ Pain stick

Pain!  Unbearable or annoying, from arthritis or over exertion, and anywhere in between, can be the cause of lost sleep, irritability, loss of opportunity, or just make you miserable!  Pain...muscle pain...joint pain...we've all had it at one time or another.  My husband and youngest daughter were in a head-on collision about 7 years ago.  Both suffered neck trauma that has resulted in repeated visits to  physical therapists and chiropractors after being told by doctors that it is pain they will both have to live with.  So the decision they have to make is whether or not the pain they have is enough to keep them from enjoying life.  As my daughter, now 16, says, "Mom, I have the pain whether I'm moving or still.  I may as well do things I enjoy."    My husband, on the other hand, doesn't really have a choice about working so it makes his life a bit harder because once he's dealt with the pain all day, he's exhausted and mostly doesn't have the energy to devote to strenuous activity around the house with chores which only makes things worse!


Now I'm not a doctor, but I do have a bit of herbal knowledge so I thought maybe I could come up with some sort of homemade remedy that would help both of them deal with the discomfort of always being in pain.  As a result, I'm happy to report that my creation has helped my family as well as friends, my daughter's soccer team and others to handle and/or heal all sorts of muscle/joint pain resulting from injuries to arthritis.  I can't make any medical claims but all the ingredients were chosen based on research and empirical evidence. It's worked for everyone who's tried it with rave reviews.

At a recent craft fair at our church, I sold some to a gal who works with horses.  After reading the label, she asked if I thought it could help ease the pain from her injured knee.  She bought a small travel size and took my card.  A few hours later, a friend was passing her table and heard her exclaim to her friend, "I bought this pain stick from that girl over there and put it on my knee.  It's helping already!"  Shortly after that, she came back and bought 3 large tubes!  The proof of its efficacy is in the repeat business!

Much as I'd love to keep this all to myself and sell it to supplement our income (contact me if you'd like to buy a Pain Stick), I feel like there are folks who may want to make their own.  You can find the basic recipe for a salve or balm Here.

As I mentioned, the firmer texture needed to use this recipe in a twist up tube that makes application easier, requires a little more beeswax than an ointment or salve.

Pain Stick

To make your own pain stick, you can order empty twist up deodorant style tubes or save your old ones.  Be sure to clean and sterilize before reuse.

(You'll need the following ingredients which you can purchase from Mountain Rose Herbs by clicking the affiliate link at the end of this post.  Thank you for supporting my work here by using this link.)

3/4 cup Castor Oil (Palma Christi or Hand of Christ, please use USP) You can read more about Castor oil's healing benefits here.
1/4 cup Grapeseed Oil (Castor oil is a very healing oil with a higher viscosity.  I've added Grapeseed oil to the recipe because it is healing as well as easily absorbed to help carry the relief to the problem faster)

1/4 cup Unrefined beeswax

1 tsp each of the following essential oils
fir needle

1/2 tsp camphor

1/2 tsp cayenne powder

1 tsp emu oil

1 Tbsp menthol

Follow the instructions listed here.
Pour into tubes and allow to cool.  Be sure to label for future identification.

Do you have a favorite remedy for pain?
Please share it below.

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