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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vitamix Tomato Chicken Soup

Things were a bit busy and the larder a bit low yesterday but I needed a meal quickly.
So I sauteed chopped onion,
diced carrot,
and chopped kale
in a bit of olive oil.
Added that to the Vitamix,
with a box of organic chicken broth,
and a box of canned organic tomatoes,
and a about a 1/2 cup of sprouted einkorn wheat berries.
Gave it a high speed whirl until it was hot.
Seasoned with a pinch of salt
and a generous sprinkle of turmeric.
Everyone loved it!

I handed a large ceramic travel cup to my daughter as she passed through the kitchen on her way from the farm to work, made a mug for my homeschooler and myself, handed a warmed mug to my husband who has an infected tooth and still had some to give to the first daughter as she blew through from work on her way to the theater!
Easy, Hardy and Tasty!
Of course you know I forgot to take pictures...again!  Next time!

Good day!

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Much herbal love,
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  1. love me my Vitamix!! Cant wait to try this.

  2. That is my kind of fast food! Thanks for sharing this on Wildcrafting Wednesday :)


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