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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why I write about natural health...

The Internet is bursting with a resurgence of natural alternative medicine and practices.  From all corners of the globe traditions and long practiced principles for the prevention, maintenance, and healing from disease can now be found with the click of a button.

Years ago when I was just a young wife in the pre-child (and pre-internet) years, I was fascinated by the idea that one could use folk remedies to heal a myriad of health issues.  Gathering medicine from the fields and woodlands seemed like something from a fairy tale.  The few books I had were full of interesting information only to be followed by frightening warnings.

And so I read about but never tried using homemade remedies for healing.  Instead, I turned my attention to the beautiful things I could make from the natural bounty around me.  Wreaths, garlands, swags, potpourri and more for myself, my friends and soon as a business.  I loved being in touch with all these things and found that I had so much to learn about what they had to offer.

  I'd never thought about how the things I breathed or touched could impact my health in either positive or negative ways.  I've always been blessed with a pretty hardy constitution which I took for granted.  Now, with my girls grown, I'm facing the truth about xenoestrogens and how they have harmed my health through the steady exposure to cleaning products, chemical hair color, plastics, petroleum based cosmetics, parabens in nearly every personal care product and more over the years.

So my first step was to learn how to eliminate as many of those things as I can from my home and my life.  I needed to make some changes like:
 Adding real, whole foods, eating less refined processed food, making my own soap and herbal remedies, using aromatherapy,  green cleaning my home with safe products made from things I already had on hand, finding ways to reduce reuse, recycle and upcycle old things into a new repurposed life, DIY projects to become more self-sufficient.

  Then, as I continue learning about herbs and ways to care for my health from a more natural perspective, I can grow in knowledge and conviction.  I still have a long way to go but through education, research and experience I intend to pursue my lifelong journey toward becoming an herbalist and learning to use the bounty of God's creation to stay healthy.

You may wonder about the name of this can read about it at What is a Woodwife.

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