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Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankfulness for Three Areas of Natural Health Maintainance

Today's November Thankfulness Thought  #5 is for the rest of my family and all the life lessons I've learned from them.  It's been quite a trip but I think I would have been a different person if I had not been placed on this path.  You know what they say, 'Bloom where you're planted' and I've tried to do that.

Whole Foods
Natural DIY Products
Natural/Herbal Medicine

Three areas of naturall health for which I'm thankful.

Lets talk about Whole Food and what that means.  Eating a Whole Food diet doesn't mean you have to buy every thing you eat from the Whole Foods market.  In fact in light of some recent articles I've read, don't assume that what you buy there is good for you until you've read the label.

Whole Foods isn't a new concept.  It's the revival of a way of life or way of eating before the industrial age.  Don't be afraid, I'm not suggesting you go back to living like folks did 100 years ago! Only eating the way they did...eating foods as close to their natural state as you can find.  And that doesn't include GMO  (frankenfoods) even if they're labeled as "natural" foods, because they're not!  Read this article to learn a bit more about what GMO foods really represent.

No prepackaged, hyper-preserved, dead food...let's eat food that alive!  Alive with raw vitamins, minerals, fiber, digestion enhancing bacteria and the natural synergy God placed in them.

I love that word!
But you already knew that!
Synergy has to do with the increased benefits of natural components working better together
for good than either one alone.  But it's even more then just adding one's benefits to the other...synergy is another bonus on top of those benefits that comes from the interaction of the two.

As a brief simple primer, a Whole Food diet includes
* fresh, local produce free from pesticides and herbicides,
* pasture raised meat,
* eggs from free range chickens,
* unprocessed dairy from pastured cows,
* cultured foods made from our fresh dairy and produce,
* unrefined grains (ancient grain wheat from before the days of increased gluten),
* natural, unrefined sweeteners
* unrefined natural fats
I'll talk about how we try to implement these ideals in our daily lives later this month.

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