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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Naming Names or Nicknames

Today's thankfulness is for a God who can see the big picture, because right now, I'm struggling with what the future may hold.

As with most time consuming commitments, I fail because there are so many variables in my life right now.  And I'm thankful for most of them, most of the time.  So here I am humbly apologizing for failing so early in the game to keep up with my daily posts.
After I'd published this post, I checked my email and found this inspirational post by Aviva Romm M.D. that seemed written just for me!
Permission to Pause and Ten Easy Ways to Do It

Someone asked about the way I talk about my family and friends on my blog.  Do I call them by name or do I use descriptive terms and nicknames?  My thoughts are that real names don't need to be used to acquaint folks with my story and get the point across.
 I'm the Woodwife, as I'm sure you may have guessed.  After reading my blog, we are affectionately called the Woodwise family by a dear friend.  I call my husband Mr.Wood or Wally, and my children have been referred to , by this same dear friend, as Miss Lizzy Woodwise and Miss Indianna Woodwise.  I love those names and so I think I will adopt them at times, as well.  However, I may refer to them as Goosie, Jo, Little Bit, or some such character from their favorite literature and they often call me Marmie.

 As a homeschooling family, we've covered the classical literature subject with intense pleasure...and also with deplorable grief and despair, as he story goes!  We've read the books, we've seen the movies, we've listened to the audio dramas and been transported to places we can only imagine thanks to the descriptive authors who've painted the picture so well.  The Miss Woodwises can recite many scenes verbatim, in context, with all the proper airs and accents without batting an eye! We've even dressed the part occasionally as we've taken part in our local theater productions. Yes, I do answer to the name, Mrs. Beaver from time to time. We've been to a few colonial reenactments and spent a week in Colonial Williamsburg dressing appropriately the entire week! We were mistaken for reenactors who work there!  What great fun!
In light of all that, you can imagine how much at home we feel as we read through the attic scene in Little Women as the girls act out the stories of their time!

It's fun to think of ourselves as fictional characters who embody some of our most prominent characteristics. However, I would be quite put out if anyone called me Mrs. Bennett!

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