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Friday, November 2, 2012

Menopause? Menopause! Perimenopause.

Menopause!  Caution...very personal story.
It hasn't been fun...but thank goodness for herbal/supplement methods of balancing hormone levels.

After a very traumatic 3 month period of time in which I lost my Dad to cancer in 2 weeks, my first great nephew who was stillborn and another very close friend to cancer,  my cycle stopped altogether. I started hemorrhaging a few months later.  For two straight months I had massive bleeding. Being the stubborn person that I am, I refused to seek out help until I was nearly clear and very weak.  After a 2 unit blood transfusion, I was given a couple options.  Oblation...which I'd read about and didn't feel I was a candidate for (the specialist at Magee agreed with me!), Hysterectomy...which was not even an option in my book unless there was cancer, or an injection of premarin that would put me in a mini menopause for 3 months.
It takes me a long time to make big decisions so I opted for the injection to gain more time.  This was during the time when I was learning about the xenoestrogens ~ toxins that act like estrogen in your body and pull all kinds of nasty tricks on your hormones.  Then your hormones play horrible games with the rest of your body leaving you with worn out adrenal glands, poor memory, crazy oscillating cycles, excessive clotting and bleeding, excess weight, cloudy thinking, and several other things which have slipped my mind...see 'poor memory' listed earlier.
A life saving book that I found was 'What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Perimenopause' by Dr. John Lee.  It's listed in the revolving Amazon book list in the margin...go look for it!
It's over there...
Just click on the book when it pops up if you are having any of the above symptoms and think you may be heading down the same path.  Dr. Lee described me to a TEE and has lists of recommendations for supplements and bio identical progesterone cream to help ease the transition into this new phase of my life.
It's still a rocky road when I stop doing the things I should and eat too much chocolate but I'm so thankful for the solutions that allowed me to avoid surgery.
I hope this book can help you, too.
Look for!

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  1. My oh my what you have gone through! SO much stress and pain. How does one find the strength. It is hard isn't it?
    Thank you for sharing your story and the title of the book that helped you.
    Hope you continue to do well.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  2. @ElizabethThank you for your concern. Some days are better than others but I think I'm on the upward track now. So glad to have you stop over to visit!

  3. @ElizabethI should have reread you comment before writing...I have to say that I've tried to rely on God through all this. I fail at times and want to do things in my own time but without Him I don't know where I'd be now.


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